resource connection & case mgt assistance

community resource connection
Providing individual assistance helping people connect to appropriate community resources:
  • addiction
  • rehab
  • recovery
  • mental health & wellness
  • parenting, behavioral and educational resources
  • other out of the box solutions
case plan management assistance
Working a case plan with fidelity can be daunting. You may have been asked to:
  • get and maintain steady employment and transportation
  • attend classes to help you make appropriate parenting decisions and connections
  • attend visitation
  • show up for drug tests and attend drug education and cessation classes
  • get a therapeutic assessment and find a therapist
  • attend domestic violence classes
  • work more closely with your child's school
  • co-parent with a foster family or kinship placement
  • handle any outstanding legal issues
  • and more
You probably already knew you were "in the weeds" before this. You might think "if I could have solved my problems I already would have." You yourself have likely already experienced trauma much earlier in your life. You might be angry at a family and system you feel have failed you, and even angrier at yourself for not being able to break the cycle.
Trying to accomplish this all on your own can be scary, confusing and intimidating.
RISE can help.
we can help you ...
  • locate community resources appropriate to your need AND help you access them
  • help you ask the right questions
  • get to the right person when making phone calls
  • improve your time management and organizational skills
  • set personal goals and brainstorm the necessary steps needed to accomplish them

call/text 828-477-4136 or email to make an appointment or for more info

resource guide coming soon.